The Epic Tale of Piper

Sometimes you just have to wait for your family to find you again.



Back in 1998, 4-week-old Piper and her sister were found in a drain pipe near an office building in Albany, NY.   Piper was named after the pipe.  (We thought she was named after her peep-y meow; she sounds a bit like a bird!).  Piper and sister went to separate homes where all was well for many years.
The couple who had Piper loved her very much.  When their (now) 11-year-old was about 2, he seemed to be having a severe  allergic reaction to Piper.  As per doctor’s orders, they looked for a new home for Piper, and she went to live with an employee of the mom’s dad who adored her.  Eventually,  they realized that the child actually had sinus issues and wasn’t allergic to Piper at all;  and though they wanted Piper back, they felt weird asking the lady to return her.   They did say that if anything ever happened, they would love to take Piper back but it seemed she was there to stay.
Fast forward several years.  It seems something did happen with that lady, and she brought Piper to the Shelter, where she joined us at the Annex and soon became a favorite.  A lovely gal, she spent several months with us, patiently waiting for just the right home while she got plenty of love and attention from all of the volunteers.
Back to Piper’s original family.  As the 11-year-old said, “The lady who had Piper didn’t work for PopPop anymore, so we lost touch with her.”   Then a family friend suddenly died, causing the family to go to Boscov’s  (the department store in the mall) to buy clothes for the funeral.  For some levity, the kids asked to visit the cats at the Annex.
Mom was beyond shocked to find Piper at the Annex!!!!  She knew it was her kitty because of the name, thin hair on her belly, and unusual white hairs around her eyebrows.  Of course, they immediately adopted her and she is happily back with her family.  Mom (and we) think her friend acted as a guardian angel and helped bring her back to Piper.
The boys love Piper and Piper is thrilled to be home, but in her nearly 9-year absence, the family had moved to a house and got a dog.  They gave Piper a private space in the guestroom and keep a baby gate up so that Piper can retreat from the dog when she wants.  The boys tell us that Piper likes to go exploring at night when the dog is asleep.  She also likes to sleep with her mom and dad.
We were shocked to learn that Piper is 15 years old (not 9 as we had originally thought).  Wow!  What a vibrant elderly lady.  We are so happy she is spending her golden years back with her original family.
Are we the only ones blown away by this story?

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